Brand New Snuza Hero SE Halo Baby Movement Breathing Monitor

  • $129.90

New Model

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Breathing Monitor SE

previously known as Snuza Halo

Put SIDS worries to rest with the take anywhere motion sensor pod monitoring the slightest breathing movements.

Affordable and completely mobile and goes wherever you and your baby go, simply clip onto baby's nappy on abdomen area and switch on.Unlike other movement monitors which are limited to use under a cot mattress, Snuza is mobile use it at home, visiting, in a carrycotwherever baby goes. No cords, wires, sensor pads or external power are required.

Snuza Hero detects even the slightest movement and will alert you if your babys movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 movements per minute. If no movement at all is detected for a period of 15 seconds, Hero will vibrate gently. Often this vibration is enough to rouse the baby, and Hero will revert to monitoring mode. After three vibration/rouse incidents, the Rouse Warning will alert you to the fact that your babys movements have stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If no further movement is detected for another 5 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you.


  • small fits onto babys diaper
  • portable
  • easy-to-use
  • vibration stimulation after 15 seconds
  • Rouse Warning
  • audible alarm after 20 seconds
  • Movement-rate Indicator to warn about weak or infrequent movement
  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty
Replacement batteries available please email us for further details

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